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The trees are talking…. are you listening?

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In a photographic exploration of the spiritual aspect of trees, Joan Klostermann-Ketels calls for us to simply open our minds to the possibility that the forests and trees around us hold secrets and messages for us all. HumaniTrees: Exploring Human Nature through the Spirit of Trees (Findhorn Press June 2011) asks the reader to take a fresh look at the natural world around them, in particular trees, and realize that there are aspects of the human spirit nestled there.

 “I have a forestry degree and have spent years working and recreating in the forest.  My career over the past 27 years has been dedicated to enhancing, protecting, and sustaining our state park forests.  This book opened my eyes to a fresh new perspective on our forest resource and the individual trees who reside there.” – Greg Van Fosson, District Supervisor, Parks Bureau, Iowa Department of Natural Resources.
As you embark on the meditative and relaxing journey Klostermann-Ketels has laid out you discover the ‘grateful’ tree, the ‘devoted’ tree, the ‘poised’, the ‘bossy’ and even the ‘impish’ tree among many others, and as you stare at the photographs, you realize that indeed she is right – even the tree you can see from
your window has something to to tell you. HumaniTrees is filled with intriguing photos and stirring text leading the reader to find companionship, comfort and joy in nature that can be shared by all generations and family members.
In HumaniTrees, Klosterman-Ketels further expands on the themes she introduced in her first book PersonaliTrees by offering a section where she explains why she chose the names for the trees in the photographs. These explanations are often funny and touching. By feeling the presence of spirit, the reader is able to absorb the connections and natural symmetry of the pictures, quotes and text. There is so much serenity and simplicity here, so much of our selves.  Each walk, each turn of the page, is an experience more profound than the one before, allowing us to emerge with a greater appreciation for trees and the life that they provide for us. During this time of immense global transformation could it be time for us to listen to what the trees are telling us –  for sure there is wisdom here.
A discussion guide offers developmental activities for educators and homeschoolers, and starts fun and fascinating discussions for book club members.
About the Book:
HumaniTrees: Exploring Human Nature through the Spirit of Trees
Joan Klostermann-Ketels
Findhorn Press
ISBN 978-1-84409-544-5
Findhorn Press is distributed by IPG
About the Author:
Joan Klostermann-Ketels is a partner in BeingOfSoundSpirit, which is dedicated to the health and well-being of the human spirit, and the author of Personalitrees. She also owns a corporate training firm, Ketels Contract Training. She lives in Eldora, Iowa.